About this App

This app is a supplement to the article Schüttler et al. (2019): 'Map and model—moving from observation to prediction in toxicogenomics' describing chemical fingerprints in the context of a toxicogenomic universe.

With this app you can visualize and explore the toxicogenomic fingerprints of the model substances investigated in the study. You can

a) select an exposure condition (substance, concentration, time point), to plot the specific fingerprint of the respective exposure.

b) select toxnodes on the fingerprint (by just clicking on it) to plot the dynamic response of this toxnode to the selected substance, and to retrieve details on the member genes of this toxnode in the table below.

c) search for a specific gene on the universe grid (will be marked by a black circle)

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Dynamic response of selected toxnode

This work was supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation Scholarship Program and the European Union 7th Framework Programme project SOLUTIONS